STOCK prices keep changing unlike FUNDAMENTAL

Kamdhenu का मार्केट कैपिटल 2017 मे 700 करोड़ था मतलब कि kamdhenu को कोई भी 700 Cr देकर Last year खरीद सकता था.

और अभी इसका मार्केट कैपिटल 508 Cr है यानी कि अब इसे मात्र 508 Cr में खरीदा जा सकता है.
सवाल है कि एक साल के भीतर क्या kamdhenu का प्रॉडक्शन कम हुआ है, क्या net profit कम हुआ है, क्या कोई प्लांट बंद हुआ है.

नहीं, बिल्कुल नहीं
KAMDHENU का सेल्स 867 Cr था 2017 मे जो अब 1187 Cr है
Net profit 8 cr था जो अब 15 Cr है
तो मार्केट वैल्यू गिरा क्यो

The answer is
Stock price doesn’t reflect the real value of any company, and always ups and downs based on general sentiment of market.
Last time I have given examples of Mr market who keeps changing its view
Sometimes makes a stock higher than real value
And sometimes make it down lower than real value.

Regarding kamdhenu real value
Which is far higher than current market value.
Because company is a fast growing steel. Companies with a brand ‘KAMDHENU’
in two segment
Steel. And paint
Paint business grabbing market share fastly and still not valued the real worth of paint business.

Overall Mr market giving a good opportunity to investors.
Link here how Mr market works


Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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