Fiberweb India ALL IS NOT WELL

In december 2015 fiberweb India promoter holding 41% means around 54 lakh and stock price was 25.

In February 2016 promoter bought around 18 lakh shares between 20 to 25.
Shareholding increased up to 55%.
Rest 14 lakh share they bought around price of 60 to 75.

Shareholding increased upto 66%
Means total 32 lakh share they bought around at price of 50.
And start selling @380
Difference 380 – 50=330

If we take average selling costs then it would be around 300
And avg buying cost 50
Means they got profits of 250 per share.
Total share 32 lakh
Out of which they sold 17 lakh as per latest Sept shareholding pattern.
And till now they made profit of
17 lakh *250=42,50,000,00
And it is expected that they sell rest 15 lakh at price of 250.

It means 15 lakh*200=30,000,0000

So total they would get profit of 80 cr at least from trading in between periods of Dec 2015 to Dec 2017
Almost their total turnover.
And no body notice company name itself tells its intentions (web means जाल)

Disclaimer :This is my personal opinion and which may be wrong, shareholding data is estimated which may not be accurate.

Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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