Don’t fear even if Bear

The pain of seeing portfolio down by more than 20% is more than any pain felt physically.
And its very sad because our hard earned money involved in this.
But can we stop it going down?
I think no, the reason is, market works over supply and demand.
When demand more even poor stock start hitting UPPER CIRCUIT that’s called Bull market, but when supply more even quality stocks lacks buying, that’s called bear market which is going on.
So the next question when this ends
GENERALLY bear market always brings opportunity but unfortunately no one knows when this will come up.
BEAR market last 9 to 18 months.
The worst bear market in 1929 last after 3 years in America.
BEAR market always shorter than bull market but its gives pain too much even in short term,eroding all investors wealth.
So how to cope with
If you have money then tap the opportunity
If you dont have any money then just hold and let it pass.
If you feel tough to watch then better to don’t away from market for 2 or 3 month.
Because market could fall more, and so the stocks.
The fall in stock not because of changes in fundamental
Company is not going to close
Products not going to be outdated
The only reason is no one buying.
YOU can see just 5 volume traded and stock down by 5%,because there is no buyers.
BEAR market is part and parcel of investment, you should be always ready for it.
Nowadays you dont like study,
You don’t like motivational post
Since the outcome missing
You want the result.
Investment is not a one day game but its marathon never going to end.
If you want to win the emotions, let the market decide your judgement , not in short term but 100% in long term market will realize the value of quality.

Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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