Whenever we think of investing, the first thought comes about MULTIBAGGER stock.
Everyone keep dreaming about it, but how many are successful, even still i am waiting for my Multibagger stock.

Now you will ask why am I saying so
The reason is i am following disciplined approach of investing, which I have shared many times over social media.

STOCK market is always irrational, its movement depends on many factors macro and micro.
But still without caring of market you can earn good return provided you follow a focused and disciplined approach of investing.

Your target can come early if market is in good shape, but take more time if there is too much pessimism.

Lets see through an example

Suppose you bought a stock in January after having good research @100 considering its valuation should be @130.

Means you are expecting 30% annual return.
If stock touches 130 within a few month then
You should book and exit.

However chances are that it can touch 150 also
Or 110 also
But you must be disciplined to book only 30% which is better than any other asset Investment.

you can’t find MULTIBAGGER but you can still BEAT the market.

Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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