1:SALES growth
14.81 cr Vs 11.08 cr, up by 33%

2:Gross margin
42.33 % vs 41.15%, minor improvement in GM

1.59 lakh Vs 0.03 lakh
company has raised debt to expand its existing capacity and business portfolio

4:Power and fuel cost
2.92 cr Vs 1.86 cr, 58% gone up

5:Profit before tax
1.41 cr Vs 1.71 cr, down by 17%

1.17 cr Vs 2.12 Cr, down by 44%
So sales volume is no problem despite Almunium market crash this year, ALUFLORIDE sales gone up means demand for Almunium Fluoride sustained.
Gross margin still good even if company taking raw material through outer areas which is expensive.

The main reason for less profit was 1.56 lakh plus 1.06 cr Total 1.075cr additional cost.
However this cost will convert into profit in next one or two years because additional capacity will reduce Total fixed cost, improving bottom line.
If we add 1.075 cr in current profit 1.17 cr
Then it would be 2.24 cr Vs 2.12 Cr means upside in net profit.
However after result people don’t consider such thing by going in depth.
So alufluoride long term prospects still stronger, and nothing to worry
One can add if it comes below 90
Or Avg

Important thing is promoters have increased stake through preferential share which price was 86 so investors buying around this level should not be worried

Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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