Alufluoride result analysis
Top line
11.09 Cr Vs 11.36 Cr
1.79 cr Vs 0.94 cr


COST of sales:91% in Dec 2016
Cost of sales: 81% in Dec 2017
Improving EBIDTA


1.31 cr Vs 1.80 Cr


Depreciation cost
0.21 cr Vs 0.13 cr
Due to new equipment additions
Its results could be seen in upcoming quarter.

Other income was 1.47 cr out of 1.89 CR in Dec 2016
But this year only 0.13 cr
So considering this
Current result is far better than last quarter because profitability comes from operations.
Alufluoride will make new high.

Author: Atul Singh Stock Market Analyst

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